D&D 5e West Marches

01. Welcome to Nevarnost

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


  • Bram the Half-Elf Bard (played by Mike)
  • Tlaloc the Dark Elf Warlock (played by Gustavo)
  • Soothsayer the Halfling Rogue (played by Daniel)
  • Dwayneworth the Halfing Rogue (played by Tommy)
  • Thleeble Thlaft the Human Fighter (played by Mat)
  • Gemini Glitterblades the two-headed Halfling Rogue (played by Elora and Keesha)

The intrepid adventurers made it through the portal into the strange town of Varna, the small centre of the vast unexplored world of Nevarnost. They were greeted by a kindly old cleric named Edmund who directed them to The First Heart, the only inn of the town. Hugo, the halfing innkeeper welcomed them and offered accommodations, then they quickly left, hungry for adventure.

Adventure called when a distraught townswoman, Elli, informed them that her son Bran had gone missing during the night. They first investigated her home for clues, where they found a set of foot prints below the boy’s open bedroom window. Soothsayer decided to investigate the strange, glowing wall and climbed it, claiming to have seen footprints down below, outside the city’s wall.

The group headed to the gate of Varna and asked the guards about the disappearance. One guard admitted to falling asleep during his shift and a child could’ve slipped by him. They headed around the outer-wall and found themselves on one side of a small lake, with a house and a strange man on the other side. The man was gruff and wanted nothing to do with them. They pressed for information and he eventually stomped off into his heavily fortified home and slammed the door behind him. Tlaloc got pushed into the lake by Dwayneworth and almost got nipped by some hungry carnivorous fish.

A few party members decided to investigate the man’s home. Bram decided to use his magic to whisper an insult to Bartlett before returning to town.

Back in town, Soothsayer bargained his way to trading a rapier for a fine, mahogany hand crossbow. Tlaloc met with the lord of Varna, Borek, to inform him of the situation and ask for help. Borek agreed to send two guards with the party to find the boy. Gemini decided it would be wise to buy a dog to track the child, so they were directed to Albani Farms on the outskirts of town. Arriving there, they met with Helena Albani who took them to her barn to show off her prized working dogs. One mature, well-trained mastiff caught the group’s eyes and they gladly bought him. Gemini also decided to buy one of the barn cats to keep as a pet.

With the dog, the party returned to Elli’s home to pick up the scent of the footprints. The dog led everyone back to the front gate, and further south to a thicket of brush and trees. Coming to a clearing, the party found a child’s body lying face-down, not moving. Investigating the body revealed a bloody hole in the boy’s neck. Bram healed the boy, who woke up and looked to the sky, screaming.

A pack of hungry stirges descended on the party, hungry for blood. The party managed to avoid their proboscis attacks, except for Thleeble, who was latched onto and drained of blood, almost to unconsciousness. A few good hits brought down the bloodsuckers without much harm done. The party and guards returned to town with the boy, reuniting him with his mother. Elli thanked the group profusely and offered them a reward of 20gp each, as well as Potions of Climbing.



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