D&D 5e West Marches

03. Darkwood Forest Part 1

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015


  • Bramlyn the Half-Elf Bard (played by Mike)
  • Tlaloc the Dark Elf Warlock (played by Gustavo)
  • Han Solace the Dark Elf Rogue (played by Andrew)
  • William Law the Human Monk (played by Alexander)
  • Fredric Ironwood the Human Fighter (played by Greg)
  • Avendesora Vandall the Human Druid (played by Marcus)
  • Silimgar the Wood Elf Warlock (played by Daniel)

The group decided to quickly head out to Darkwood Forest to investigate the strange plague sweeping over it. On the outer edge of the forest, William decided to climb a tall tree to get a look at the forest from up above. He noticed the centre of the forest looking rather diseased, and a 2 mile trek away.

Heading into the forest, the group of adventurers stumbled upon a clearing dotted with small white flowers. On the edge of the clearing stood a tall oak with a large mound of the flowers at its base. Further investigation revealed a boot protruding from the mass. As the group moved in, the mass of flowers attacked, lashing out vine-like appendages. The flowers shifted higher onto the tree revealing a decomposing man’s body at the base of the tree. The group use fire magic to light the flowers and tree on fire, quickly defeating the evil plant. They doused the fire and investigated the man’s body, discovering that he was a hunter who met misfortune in the Darkwood.

Traveling further into the forest, the group found a stagnant pond with a set of eyes peering at them from the murky water. Bramlyn decided to cast Vicious Mockery on the peering creature, causing the giant frog to jump into action and attack. After the frog was vanquished, two buzzing swarms of insect emerged from its gaping maw. The insects quickly swarmed the party, biting Fredric relentlessly. Silimgar succumbed to the bites, collapsing on the ground. A series of magic blasts and attacks finally defeated the swarms and Silimgar was re-energized. The group decided to find a safe spot to rest while William watched for trouble from a tree.

Pressing forward, the group noticed the trees becoming denser and leaves completely blocking out the sunlight above. The roots became twisted and spiked, and the trees were hugged by spiked vines. The group finally made it to the heart of the forest, where they saw a strange dark clearing with a pulsing, glowing mass of vines and twigs in the centre.

Tlaloc bravely approached the huge mass, inspecting it and shining a light through it. Peering through a slit in the vines, a wide eye stares at Tlaloc and a giggling sound began to emanate from the core.



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