D&D 5e West Marches

02. Trouble at Falumo Farm

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015


  • Bramlyn the Half-Elf Bard (played by Mike)
  • Tlaloc the Dark Elf Warlock (played by Gustavo)
  • Balin Holyshield the Dwarf Paladin (played by Andrew)
  • Dwayneworth the Halfing Rogue (played by Tommy)
  • Anduinn the Elf Warlock (played by Daniel)
  • Finnley the Human Druid (played by Marcus)

The party was joined by two new faces, a Paladin of Torm and a Druid. Everyone decided to quickly head out of town in search of adventure. They were met with a woman hurrying to town in need of help. She explained that her crops were being mysteriously destroyed during the night and asked the group if they’d lend their hand. She suspected her neighbour and competitor, Finry Selden, of sabotage.

The group decided to investigate the destroyed crops first, finding a clearing hacked away in the centre of one of her corn fields. The corn was missing and all that remained was a scarecrow and some raven feathers.

A few party members decided to go investigate Selden Farms for any funny business and met with Finry’s wife for questioning. The Selden family was surprised to hear of Daisy’s troubles and directed Tlaloc to speak with one of their guards. The guards mentioned seeing an unusual amount of crows circling Daisy’s farm at night.

They returned to Falumo Farm and decided to camp out in different areas at dusk to try to locate the attacker. Anduinn, Finnley and Balin decided to camp out on the edge of Darkwood Forest, where they encountered a strange purple-leafed plant known as Witch Grass, which seems to dampen magical power. In the middle of the night, swarms of ravens began flying towards the farm, and a strange hacking sound began to emanate from the corn field.

The group was surprised to find the scarecrow had come to life and was hacking down the corn! Rushing into battle, the scarecrow and raven swarms attacked. Balin was met with the scarecrow’s terrifying gaze and found himself paralyzed. Others jumped in to distract the scarecrow and slowly pick off the ravens. Anduinn used his illusive powers to blend into the corn and avoid attack. Eventually the scarecrow was destroyed and the ravens dispatched.

In the pile of hay remains, a strange emerald pendant was found. Daisy rewarded the group with gold and thanked them for their help and was surprised to learn of the animated scarecrow.

The group took the pendant to town and met with a tiefling woman running an arcane market stall, who was startled to see the pendant. She immediately recognized it as a hag’s pendant and wanted nothing to do with it. She suggested that it was an evil object that hags use to control creatures to do their bidding.



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